Agnieszka Witkowska also known as KLEMENS is a talented and accomplished Polish artist, who has made a name for herself in the international art world. Her work focuses on helping people understand and express their inner selves through art, particularly through the medium of painting. Witkowska is a self-taught artist, and never pursued formal education in psychology. However, she has always been fascinated by the workings of the human mind, and has spent years studying and researching the human psyche. This knowledge has greatly informed her art, and has helped her create a unique style that is both deeply personal and universal in its appeal. Through her art, Witkowska aims to help her clients heal from trauma, understand themselves better, and cultivate emotional resilience. Her art therapy practice has proven to be effective in improving cognitive and sensorimotor functions, fostering self-esteem and self-awareness, promoting insight, enhancing social skills, and reducing and resolving conflicts and distress. One of the unique aspects of Witkowska’s work is that she often uses her clients’ biographies as the starting point for her art. By creating paintings that are deeply personal and reflective of her clients’ experiences, she helps them gain a new perspective on their lives and the events that have shaped them. This process can be emotional and take several months of continuous communication with her on a daily basis. Witkowska’s art has been exhibited in galleries around the world and has been met with critical acclaim. Her work has been described as “powerful” and “transformative,” and has resonated with people from all walks of life. It is worth noting that Witkowska does not come from a traditional art background, and has never had any formal training in the arts. However, her passion for self-expression and helping others has driven her to create some truly remarkable pieces. In today’s world, where people are often faced with heartbreak and trauma, Witkowska’s art offers a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery. Whether it’s a divorce, breakup or other major life change, her art can help individuals find the strength to move forward and embrace their new lives. While the process may take time and require a great deal of dedication, the results are often transformative and life-changing.